14 Dec 2007

Tale of two daughters... or two fathers

The folks at Whittiergate.com sent me an interesting email.... apparently my mentioning Patrick Jagessar and corruption in one sentence caught their attention.

This is part of their response:
How did Patrick Jagessar go from Belmont, where his daughter Nicola couldn't afford a pair of shoes, to Westmoorings and giving his daughter, who complained about her father making her sign financial documents of a dubious nature just before that sudden move, with no visible means of support, from Belmont to Westmoorings, a sudden international jet set lifestyle, including attending the most expensive small private colleges in the U. S. and jetting around the world for fun? How has Patrick Jagessar escaped consequences for the domestic abuse he's alleged to have perpetrated, for buying a pardon, for allegedly failing to report income and pay taxes, for being an accomplice in his family members' misconduct and crimes? Basdeo Panday is not the only corrupt Trini to have a daughter named Nicola.
Ha, ha. That last sentence is a bit catchy... "Basdeo Panday is not the only corrupt Trini.... "

On the other hand, the website alleges:
Documents filed in the case describe the troubled background of Nicola Jagessar, her reports of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in her family home in Trinidad at the hands of both parents - Patrick, a former senior magistrate sentenced to a 19 year prison term for corruption and perversion of justice, and Delita, who was divorced by Patrick after she publicly cuckolded him after his release from prison, and their daughter Nicola's consequent alcoholism, drug abuse, exhibitionism and predatory bisexuality, habitual dishonesty, chronic academic misconduct, history of threats and incidents of violence, and psychiatric treatment – and that Nicola Jagessar has continued acting out that abuse in the United States, after it's alleged she and her mother misrepresented facts to the U. S. Department of State to gain entry to the United States.
The email also mentions that Patrick Jagessar allegedly bought a pardon from Pa-trick Manning, after his reported 'born again' turn they became friends. I might add that the website links to US court documents to support its claims.

This certainly is another item against Pa-trick that bears investigating.